Just thought I'd put a timeline of their diagnoses, surgeries and major events here:

DECEMBER 22, 2010-  Max and Addison are BORN!!! 9 weeks early.  Max weighs 3lb 15oz and Addie weighs 3lb 14oz at Memorial Hermann the Woodlands

DECEMBER 25, 2010- I am released from the hospital.  Addie does not require any breathing assistance (is on room air) and we get to hold her!  Max has a pulmonary bleed (lung bleed) that evening and requires heavy sedation and increased vent settings.

DECEMBER 31, 2010- Max comes off the ventilator and onto CPAP and I get to hold him for the first time

JANUARY 16, 2011- DIAGNOSIS DAY:  Max and Addie are diagnosed with Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome.  Low protein was discovered in Max's blood during bloodwork to try and determine the cause of his respiratory breathing issues.  A urine test and a kidney ultrasound and contact with the nephrologists downtown led them to realize that Max had a rare genetic disorder whereby his kidneys were dumping protein into his blood.  Because it was a genetic condition, they tested Addie too and she also had it.