Monday, October 3, 2011

Then and Now Photos

I love photos of my babies! Of course I love photos! All parents love photos of their babies! There were times when I didn't love photos... when the babies were really sick, I usually didn't let people take photos. There were many times when one of them was on a ventilator or when they got really puffy and it broke my heart to see them sick. And I didn't want to remember them like that. I wanted to survive what was going on and then forget about it. But now when I look back, I don't mind the photos of our harder days and wish I had taken more. Because they are a testimony to what God has done in their lives. They are a reminder of how far Max and Addison have come and how faithful God has been to us. They are also a reminder of wh at we've come through. On a hard day, it helps to know we've been through worse and we're still smiling and we're still laughing. So the visual reminders of what we've been through are important to me now. So here for you- our tiny little fragile preemies and our huge 9 month olds!

Max at 14 days old, 3lbs 15oz
Max at 9 months old- 19lbs
Addison at 3 days old- 3 lbs 15 oz
Addison at 9 months olds and 20lbs!

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