Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We made it through today!

Today was a really big day for us. We've had some pretty big days over the past year and some of the nurses and I were bantering over whether today was the worst day or whether it was one of our other crazy days ('surely today wasn't as bad as the heart failure day!' 'at least Max didn't also have surgery today!') So today may or may not have been the hardest day on us but it was certainly right up there! But I am happy to let you know that Addie came through today fine. She is sleeping now, having just finished her first hemodialysis treatment. She left for surgery at 1030 am, came out of surgery around 330pm, began dialysis by 4pm and finished around 630pm. It was a massive day for her little body. By all indications, she seems to have handled things well and she is stable and in a better place than she was 36 hours ago.

There are still a lot of uncertain days ahead as we figure out how to make hemodialysis as effective and safe as possible for Addie. Additionally, she got a new chest tube today so we need to figure out how to get her chest drained and healed and the new tube out. But, today was the scariest day as surgery is scary and her first hemo treatment was scary. So we are pleased that today is behind us and pleased that Addie is safe and that God protected her through some pretty risky stuff. And we'll just keep taking the other stuff one day at a time and praying for that same protection over her and sweet Max each and every day.

Thank you for the support and prayer and love for sweet Addie, her brother and Al and I. We feel very blessed to have people in our lives to walk this road with us and be there with us, either in person or in prayer. Our hearts are full of love and gratitude to all of you.

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Lindsay said...

Still praying!! Love y'all.