Saturday, December 8, 2012

All under one roof...

Addie and Max are fast asleep.  Al is finishing his packing.  I am all packed and distracting myself by watching Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy on DVD and trying to enjoy this last night for a while of my family all being together here in our home.  Tomorrow morning my parents pick up Addie and then Al and I load the plane with Max and meet his family in San Fran.  Tomorrow it all begins and I have spent today soaking up this beautiful calm before the storm.  Addie was particularly cheerful and delightful, laughing and smiling and making my heart so happy and at the same time so sad to be leaving her.  Max has been rosy pink and full of smiles, completely unaware of what is coming.  It has been a lovely day and it's hard to believe how long it will be before we have another one like it. Actually we will never have one exactly like this, we will have ones much better because when the boys are back and we are all reunited it will be without dialysis and with two healthy babies.

Sometimes in life you have to do something really hard to get to something totally wonderful. People ask us if we are so excited for Max's transplant.  We are so incredibly excited for what Max's transplant will do for him.  We are so excited for life after he has healed and what a wonderful change it will be for our family.  So, yes we are super excited for the end point.  But I can also tell you we are not excited for these next two weeks.  I am not excited for 2 weeks away from Addie.  She is my sunshine and my joy.  My heart is sad to be without her for 12 days.  Do not get me wrong, she is in great hands.  She will have a wonderful time.  Leaving her here with my parents is the selfless choice because it is completely what is best for her.  But for me, it's going to really hard. I am excited for what this surgery will bring about but not excited for surgery itself, for seeing both of my boys in pain, for long days and nights at the hospital, for the inevitable fears and concern.  It's a hard process for a wonderful purpose.  I pray that the next two weeks go quickly and that before I know it we will be through the hard scary tiring part and entering the exciting part of seeing Max better than ever. 

I know lots of people are praying for us.  Please pray for our travelling tomorrow and that Max and Al will both stay healthy the next two days leading up to surgery.  Of course we will be asking for lots of prayers on Tuesday but I will post again on Monday night with specifics about Tuesday.  Please also pray for Addie.  We are praying for protection of her health during her time away from me.  And please pray for stamina for my mom (and dad) and good restful sleep at nights as she has full time care of Addie these couple of weeks.  And for Al and I saying goodbye to Addie and getting nervous for Max these next couple of days.  We all need an extra dose of strength and resilience.

I have lots of wonderful photos of messages for Max that I am hoping to spend some time next week putting up on Facebook for everyone to enjoy.  I have been soaking up my Addie time and working hard to get school stuff together so I haven't put aside time to do that yet but I will have plenty of time next week.  If you haven't sent one, please still do.  Or post it on Tuesday on Facebook and tag me.  A lot of people did that last time and it really lifted our spirits on the day to log on and see all these pictures. I will post again Monday night a short specific prayer request/update on times etc for people to share.  I know last time lots of people shared our story the night before and I know all those extra prayers showered upon Addie and I were answered.  So stay tuned for a pre surgery update. 

And for now, back to my fake medical drama to distract me from all the real medical drama coming up soon.  And back to enjoying the peace of having all my little loves together with me under one roof.

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