Monday, November 26, 2012

Before the milk expires...

Yesterday Addie and I went grocery shopping and when I picked out the milk, I noticed that its expiry date was December 12.  And I realized that is one day after Max's transplant.  Which means that before our milk even expires, Max will have a kidney and our dialysis experience will be over.  It was a pretty amazing thought.

When Max transplants, we will be just shy of 18 months of having a child on dialysis.  And the 6 months prior to them starting dialysis they were in the NICU getting long albumin infusions much of the day.  This has been an incredibly long journey.  For 6 months we have been halfway there and soaked up every moment of Addie being free and safe and healthy.  But we have still had sweet Max on dialysis so while we have rejoiced for Addie, we have not been done with dialysis and our family has still be in the throughs of it.   But in two weeks now, we will have 2 children off dialysis.  It is so soon which is just so hard to even believe and so exciting.

Of course there are a million things I need to be doing between now and then... and of course it's going to be harder and scarier before it's better... BUT you know sometimes you just have to ignore all that and just choose to relish in the joy so for today I am just so happy that before my milk could even go sour, my family will be free of dialysis.  Wow. 

One of my favorite Max photos...  how much does that perfect face make you so happy he is about to be getting a kidney!!!

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