Thursday, November 1, 2012

Welcome November... bring on the blog posts!

November is here! And it is going to be a busy, crazy, intense, exciting and nerve-wrecking month for us.  This month we celebrate 6 months post transplant for Addie, we take her to California for a biopsy, we have a ton of appointments for Max and will be making big decisions for his future, we have our very special visitor coming for Thanksgiving and assuming all goes well, planning for our second out of state transplant in one year.  There will certainly be lots to keep people informed on and lots to be asking for prayer for!

So I am going to try and write on my blog more.  There is like a November initiative among bloggers to blog every day and I'd love to manage to do that.  But we'll see... it may be more like once a week but I'm going to aim for lots of posts.  Some updates and some just writing more about daily life and everything that is on my mind during this busy month.  There are so many things I have a lot to say about and yet so little energy or time for actually getting all my deep thoughts out on paper! But I want to try and share more about what it is really like to have been through all that we have, to be gearing up for what we are preparing for and living with such precious and complicated babies! So if you're interested, join me as I invite you a little further into our world!

For November 1st, some pictures of my little pumpkins...

 Look at his face! He absolutely adores his sister! When she comes over to talk to him, it makes him squeal with happiness!

And thankfully for Max, his sister is starting love him also! She loves giving him kisses!

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