Monday, November 19, 2012

Max's First Haircut!

Today was a big day for Max- he got his first haircut!  He really enjoyed the experience and laughed through it and came out looking like quite a handome man!

We started realizing it was time for Max to get a haircut when he would have these bad hair days where his hair would take on a Kramer like quality. 

He has thick beautiful hair but in the back it was developing a mullet and that is never anyone's best look so definitely time to look into a haircut.

One of the things we are realizing now and I am sure will become more true the older he gets is that when you have a child with serious disabilities, even little things can be quite big things to wrap your head around.  Getting a haircut can be challenging without head control and the ability to sit independently and turn your head.  And Al and I felt we really did not want to take him somewhere where we would have had to explain his condition a lot and answer difficult questions or where we feared him experiencing pity or prejudice.  I know Max is completely adorable and it hard to believe anyone could do anything but adore him but we do find that people who do not really understand his condition can be uncomfortable with him and we never want that for him.

Thankfully though our hairdresser is one of the nicest people ever.  She has such a heart for our family and has shown us tremendous kindness and generosity.  When my babies were in the NICU and my hair was the last thing on my mind she told me I could come in any time, even at night, and she would do my hair for me.  She ended up staying late on Friday night and wouldn't take any payment afterwards.  And she has been doing that for me since.  It's lovely when there are so many things going on and a lot of financial things to worry about to have had this luxury of still having nice hair! It has made me feel better and I have so appreciated her gift to me! 

So we knew she would love to be the person to cut Max's hair.  Between my mom and I she knew quite a lot about Max and so she stayed after they closed and let us come in when it was just us.  She had Max sit on Al's lap and had a little spray bottle so we wouldn't have to dunk his head.  She worked so patiently with Al on getting his head positioning right.  Max tends to arch his head a lot if you hold it at certain angles so it wasn't easy for her to get parts of it cut but she worked on his hair for over half an hour and was so kind and gentle.  Max loved the experience and laughed and smiled and enjoyed the attention and he left looking so handsome and grown up!

I'm so thankful to Carol for how she has blessed our family and for taking the time to make Max's first haircut a special and non stressful experience for all of us!

Meanwhile, I am accumulating good pics of the girls for a later post but a sneak peak of Hannah and I with our girls...

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lucyrogue said...

Matching bows! It had to happen.
Max looks very smart with his new haircut! A real little boy :)