Sunday, November 11, 2012

Recap from the Travelodge bathroom

I am writing this post sitting in the bathroom at our travelodge as we are trying to keep the room dark in hopes that Addie will fall asleep.  She has hardly slept all day but managed to get all excited over the trashcan and room phone and got too wound up to go to bed! Only a nearly 2 year old could be so excited about the Travelodge.

We really appreciated all the prayers for today’s travels.  The Bendadryl worked like a charm and Max slept through take off and was awake for landing but didn’t seem to mind it nearly as much as we had worried.  He was, of course, the far easier baby to handle all day today.  Addie did not sleep the whole flight and has been quite a handful!  Travelling with toddlers is quite an ordeal!
We were blessed with so many understanding people along the way.  We had a shuttle car meet us at our car and help us get all our stuff to the terminal.  Then we had the nicest check in lady who upon us telling her a little of our story, started crying and waved all our baggage fees and let us check our heinous 72lb bag full on dialysis supplies and meds as medical equipment rather than paying thr 100 dollar fee.  That is the bag that did unfortunately end up missing our flight but is now safely here with us so all is well that ends well!  We had a really nice man give up his exit row seat for a seat in the back so my mom could sit with us.  We really appreciated these blessings that just made for a smoother day!
We are all settled in and enjoyed delicious pizza with our friend Gerri, the babies' transplant coordinator.  Now it’s time to get some rest for a big couple of days.  Tomorrow Addie will go to clinic and see her doctors and nurses which will be fun.  Al has a lot of running around and testing to do.  And then at 245pm, we meet with their neurology team to discuss Max.  That is probably the part we are most interested in and I suppose nervous about for tomorrow.  We didn’t love our experience with neurology in Texas and talking about Max's neurological issues can be discouraging and emotional but we are hopeful for a better experience tomorrow.  Please keep us in your prayers for that meeting and all our business tomorrow.  We really appreciate the love and support for this trip!

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Pat said...

Praise God for paving the way to such a degree as no human could! We, of the Schulken ABf, are praying for everything to go smoothly and trust - beyond more than we can comprehend - that God will provide everything you need; from peace to complete trust in HIS ability to clear the way for Max, Alister and Addie.